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Seek Institute was pleased to sponsor “Anti-Racist Praxis”, a talk conducted by Dr. Wendy Ashley PsyD, LCSW.

Big thanks to all our partners and hosts for the "Picture Mental Health" event!

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We are offering a virtual space for you to connect with peers during these unique times. Learn about techniques such as
self-compassion and mindfulness that you can take into the classroom and your daily life. Register here

At Seek Institute, we celebrate global diversity month every day. We believe in the power of affirming and acknowledging the differences of each individual that make them and their experiences unique.

Thank you @DSISD and Vida Clinic for the opportunity to connect with your parent community and address the impact this pandemic is having on families. We look forward to sharing useful strategies to help navigate these challenging times and answering questions from participants!

Seek Institute was pleased to sponsor “Unlearning Racism and Promoting Social Justice Among Therapists”, a workshop with Kevin Cokley, PhD and Germine Awad, PhD.