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What can my donation provide?

This past year has been trying and difficult for all of us. Our communities are beginning to bounce back, but for many, the stress has been overwhelming. Therapy can help us heal, yet there can be so many obstacles for an individual looking for care. Being underinsured or uninsured, living in a rural area with few resources or an area that has been ignored due to social injustices – there are too many reasons why people cannot access mental health services. Seek Institute wants to eliminate these obstacles and make mental health care a right, not a privilege.

A donation to Seek Institute will go toward increasing access to quality mental health care for those who cannot afford these essential services. It will help fund collaborations with community organizations that will create innovative ways to serve communities and increase engagement in therapy. It will also help continue vital support systems that have been formed through our Teacher & Staff Support Groups. And it will ensure that no one will be turned away from receiving restorative, curative, and at many times, life-saving care.

Help make support and healing a reality for more Central Texans


Your gift can provide supplies to help run support groups


A donation that provides art and play therapy supplies for a therapist


This provide one therapy session to an individual in need


Help provide a series of crisis or emergency sessions

If you would like to send a donation by mail please send all gifts to:
Seek Institute
1221 W. Ben White Blvd. #211A
Austin, TX 78704

Does your business or place of employment participate in a matching program?
If so, please use our EIN: 813542150

Interested in other ways to give?
Please contact us here